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20 September 2014 Release: v3.80 Welcome to the uniCenta oPOS family. uniCenta oPOS Point Of Sale is open source and free software licensed to you under the GNU GPL 3 license. It is a commercial-grade quality product and your use is not restricted in any way. It can scale from a single machine on your counter-top to tens and tens of terminals in different locations. uniCenta oPOS is used all around the world and it's become a favourite for a wide-range of businesses not just because it�s free, but because of its ease of use, exceptional flexibility and reliability. !------!------! THIS IS A MUST READ !------!------! uniCenta oPOS v3.80 comes with some defaults settings already included: a. A default Category called CATEGORY STANDARD b. A default Product with the REFERENCE xxx999 c. Two default Taxes - TAX EXEMPT and TAX STANDARD DO NOT DELETE THEM! You can RENAME them to whatever suits but... DO NOT DELETE! !------!------!------!------!------!------!------! So let's get you started! The key to making sure you get the best out of uniCenta oPOS is: Set-up. Have some patience when you first start out and try to follow these simple steps... 1. Make sure you have the correct Java JRE Runtime installed for your Operating System. If you're running Windows x64 use Java for x64, not the x86 version, and it's running properly. 2. Fire-up unicenta oPOS and head straight for the Configuration panel. Settings are here for everything from Databases through to Credit Card processing gateways. 3. Set Roles and Users - we've already created four for you. If you set a Password for the Administrator account. Make sure you remember it! 4. Set Taxes uniCenta oPOS comes with two Rate types already created: Exempt and Standard. Have as many as you want. 5. Create Categories. Use Categories to group your Products. This controls your Sales screen button layout. A default Category is already there (remember DO NOT DELETE IT!). You can rename it and go on to create as many Categories that you need. 7. Create Products. Probably the most important part in uniCenta oPOS you need to get right. A default Product is already there (remember DO NOT DELETE IT!). You can rename it and go on to create as many Products that you need. Assign everything here from Barcodes through to Sales screen button images and add fancy looking text for the sales screen Product buttons. 8. Edit your Printer Receipt Tickets. There are several templates to choose from. Have your store logo to hand (.jpg or .gif max size 200x100) It's a good idea to plan ahead beforehand and sketch out how you want your receipt to look. 9. Play with uniCenta oPOS first. Get to know it. Take your time. Don't rush. You will be up & running with uniCenta oPOS in no time. 10.All done! You're ready to go! Now take a Backup! Better to do it now rather starting over again or trying to go back and work out later where things need to change. We're proud of our app' and we hope you enjoy using uniCenta oPOS. There's quite a few ways to show us some support for the uniCenta oPOS free open source software project. If you like our software please consider making a donation - You may want to help others in our community uniCenta also provide development services for uniCenta oPOS so if you find you need some tweaks or a commercial-grade support service then get in touch: Jack Gerrard Founder, uniCenta
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